Fashion and Design

this month’s Pre Access Lessons, we have been learning all about fashion! We have seen all sorts of cool and crazy designs from the past, present, and the future!

In our lessons, we learnt how fashion has changed through the decades for both boys and girls!
We also learnt about models, catwalks, fashion designers, and much more!

We tried our hand at designing, creating, and even wearing our own fashion creations!

In class, we reused old materials to upcycle and make new clothes.

After painting and resorting them, we stuck them to our clothes to make sometimes totally new!

We really liked making some crazy designs!

Finally, we even took turns to be a fashion critic and rated our friends’ creations.


Everyone waited eagerly to find out who had the most votes… and the winner is… number 12! Congratulations! 

We have a bright future in fashion here, great job everyone!