Art Show!

Today was the long awaited school art show!! Every class at PAP has been working hard on a variety of projects for many months. Everybody was excited to see everything.

All the classes took a tour around the school and inside different classes to see the displays. Kids pointed out the art that caught their eye. 

Here is some of our Twinkle students doing an impression of the Galaxy art work. So funny!!

It was amazing to see how much art that we have made this year. There was so many different types of art- from collages, paintings abstract art, sculptures and drawings. It was very inspiring!

Here we have a Milkyway student presenting her favorite project she had made. She explained the process and materials and why she liked it. We also talked about our classmates’s art and why we thought it turned out well.

The art show was a great success. I am looking forward to making and seeing even more wonderful art pieces in the future. Great job everybody!