Stop, Drop and Roll!

Let’s learn about fire safety today! Milky Way class started with watching a video that gave us some helpful rules to keep us safe in the event of a fire.

One thing we learned was “Go outside, do not hide.” This rule means if you hear a smoke alarm, even if you feel scared, the most important thing is to get outside of the building as quick as possible. If you hide somewhere it is dangerous because then the fire fighters will not be able to find you.

Then Milky Way and Galaxy class made some fire safety posters. They were able to cut the words by themselves and they organized it between what you should and should not do in a fire.

These are helpful posters to take home so we can all remember the fire safety rules!

Aquarius class did a fire truck puzzle. They cut out the strips of paper and glued it on to construction paper by themselves!

They had to put the strips of paper so that they spelled out “fire truck” with a picture of a fire engine.  

We also got to play a game where we put out a fire by throwing balls at a cup tower. Let’s see who can get rid of the most fire!

It was great to learn about fire safety so that we can protect ourselves and prevent fires. Great job today everybody!