A Day in Pluto Class

Our final days of Pluto class are drawing near. We have grown up a lot since the beginning of the year and we are ready to graduate to the K1 class next month!

This is how we spend our days in Pluto class.

In the morning, we go to the park to explore the outdoors and get our days’ worth of exercise!

Today we did relay races! We did running races, hoping races and walking backwards races.

We are working hard on phonics! Next school year we will start learning how to read and write. This year, we worked hard to master the phonetic alphabet!

At the beginning of the year, we didn’t even know how to hold a pencil, but now we are practicing writing the letters of the alphabet free hand!

We need a break after all that studying! For PE today, we did a relay race where we crawl under our friends’ legs!

The rules of the relay are quite complicated but we can follow directions well and have a lot of fun!

On Thursdays, we learn science! Today we mixed different colors together in our test tubes to see what colors it would make!

Let’s start with yellow and red!

I wonder what color it will make?

Let’s do it together! We are very good at teamwork!

Finally, let’s observe the changes. Were our guesses correct? Mixing colors is like magic!

What a fun day for learning!