We Like Canada🇨🇦

Today we are finishing up our studies on Canada. We reviewed the many things we have learned about this country. We talked about the weather and how the winter lasts a very long time.

In Canada they don’t let the snow stop them from having fun outside! They enjoy a variety of winter activities like skiing, ice skating and ice fishing. Which one would you like to try?

Next, we put our memories to the test with a quiz on Canadian symbols. We matched the name of the symbol to the picture. Then we colored the pictures.

We also learned a fun clapping game that Canadian children play. The name of the game is “Lemonade”. It took a lot of focus and hand eye coordination to remember the poem and do the hand clapping with a partner. We will continue to practice!

We really enjoyed learning about life in Canada. What is the most interesting thing you learned? Thanks for all your hard work everyone!