Happy Campers!

Aquarius, Milky Way and Galaxy classes joined to continue our studies about the summer season. Today we took a closer look at Summer Holidays around the world!

We discussed what people like to do on their summer breaks. Some families like to travel to beaches, go fishing, swimming or camping. Who has been camping before? What kind of tools or supplies do we need when we go camping?

We watched a video about a Summer Camp in America, everybody was interested to see what the kids do there. There are so many exciting activities! We saw the campers swim, have campfires, play tug-of-war, and even fencing! Wow!

Then we got the chance to try camping at school. Right away we started building a “campfire” so we could roast marshmallows and hot dogs…

We relaxed and enjoyed playing and reading in the tent, it was a great memory to share with friends.

Aquarius, Milky Way and Galaxy classes had so much fun learning about Summer Holiday activities this week. We never want summer to end!!