Merry Christmas to All

Today was our last day of school in 2021!
Since finishing our Christmas concert last week, we have spent these last few days getting in to the Christmas spirit and doing lots of fun Christmas activities!

Today some friends dressed up! Everyone looked very festive in their best winter attire!

For our last Christmas activity of the year, we decorated Christmas cookies!

We used our favorite colors to make the cookies look fun!

It took a lot of focus to decorate the cookies exactly how we wanted them!

I made a circle!

I am making a smiley face!

It’s really good motor skills practice for the smaller ones!

How does it look?

I did it!

Decorating cookies is so much fun!

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We are looking forward to seeing you in 2022 and making even more wonderful memories!!

Happy holidays!!